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EM Nature Love and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Detergent

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  • South Korea South Korea
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EM Nature Love and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Detergent


  • Item: EM Nature Love and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Detergent

  • Using the Glucopon raw materials approved by European Ecocert and US FDA

    1. The blueberry extract and other botanical ingredients
    Synthesis (chemical) surfactants are not used at all, and blueberry extract and other botanical ingredients help with skin protection.

    2. Glucopom with FDA certification
    We use the German Cognis company ’s Glucopom, a raw materials recognized as a non-irritating , non-toxic, secure and cleaning agent that has acquired a certification of European Ecocert and US FDA
    The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that enzymes and bleaching composition are banned in the grade 1 detergent and that an anionic surfactant with biodegradability 90% (a property of naturally degradable degree in nature) only can be used in detergent. Our product is a detergent with enhanced safety.


Please use the product after you read the following instructions well

  1. Do not apply more than a standard amount..
  2. Keep the product out of the reach of children
  3. When using the product in the flowing water, follow the instruction; more than 30 seconds of washing for vegetables and fruits, more than 5 seconds washing for kitchenware. To clean a thing in the water not flowing, exchange the water more than twice and wash.
  4. When washing vegetables, fruits, or kitchenware, you need to exchange water more than twice
  5. Do not soak vegetables, fruits, etc. in the water for more than 5 minutes
  6. After use, please clean with water before starting skin care
  7. If you have sensitive skin or use for a long time, you may experience skin irritation. Please wear rubber gloves
  8. If the product is applied to clothing, please note it may cause spots, discoloration, fading, etc.
  9. If children drink the product, make them throw up or drink water. If the product gets in their eyes, wash with running water and consult a doctor


Please keep the product from freezing in winter (if not, sometimes ingredients of botanical raw materials or natural oils may be blurred. However, there is no problem with the quality.)


* Marking by Quality Control and Safety Management of Industrial Products Act

  • Name: EM Nature Love Class 1
  • Category: Neutral
  • Use: for washing dishes and cooking utensils
  • Weight: 500ml
  • Component: alpha olefin (anionic), higher alcohols (anionic), vegetable natural surfactants, microorganism (Em) Coconut extract surfactant (nonionic), more than 15% of the total content of surfactants, blueberry extract, preservative
  • Country name: Republic of Korea
  • Standard usage: 5ml per water of 1L
  • Manufacturer: New Pyeonghwa Tech: 1599-8081 P & J Household & Health
  • Sales: New Pyeonghwa Tech / Delivery service consultation
  • Date of manufacture: separately marked
  • Recommended shelf life : 3 years from date of manufacture

* Should you have a problem with the product, consumers will be refunded or have a replacement in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Standard by the Fair Trade Commission

* Covered by the Product Compensation Insurance of KRW 100 million .