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. Company Overview

background of establishment

It is self-evident that natural disaster that the global warming and environmental deterioration cause lead to a calamity. Due to universal use of chemicals, the human needs to take urgent measures to restore nature’s self-purification power. Humans need to build Resource-Cycling Society in which economy grows while the misuse of resources and the wastes from the natural environment are minimized. Our company’s mission statement has been focusing in terms of environmental management how we are going to contribute to the restoration and the healing of the Earth’s self-purification power toward the construction of Resource-Cycling Society.


u About Us

1. New Pyeonghwa Tech was founded with a goal "impress customers and make detergents eco-friendly”. we have established ourselves and have been recognized as a company of a wellness era with long research efforts to make products harmless to microorganism and the human body.

2. Enterprise putting its top priority on customers

  With our catch phrase “small amounts for large amounts of laundry”, our product does not adopt the fluorescent brightener agent and an excellent sterilizing and deodorization effect, which bring about convenience and efficiency for all customers.

3. Development of the eco-friendly microorganism product harmless to a human body

We have developed an eco-friendly microorganism product harmless to a human body and combining the traditional microbial fermentation technology with the detergent, and have been offering those products to consumers.


u General Information

Year of Establishment  - started studies in 2002 (New Pyeonghwa Tech was founded 2010)

Location - 55-1, Dongbuk-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea (Sangyeokdong)

Company type - private company

capital – KRW 200 million

The number of employees - 30 people

Main Business Areas : eco-friendly multi-purpose detergent / Weight 10kg (COMMERCIAL) / soap


 History

2001 - establishment of Pyeonghwa Research Institute

2002 – started research on microbial environmentally friendly detergents

2009 - completed development of environmentally friendly microbial powder detergent

2010 – Introduction of microbial cleaners and multipurpose cleaners to market, establishment of New Pyeonghwa Tech

2011. 05 - New Pyeonghwa Tech filed an application of a trademark registration

   06 – a patent application of an environmentally friendly detergent and its method for manufacturing and acquisition of Q Mark Quality Assurance

   08 - acquisition of KC Mark for liquid detergent and multi-purpose cleaner

2012. 02 - acquisition of a patent of an environmentally friendly detergent and its method for manufacturing  

11 - acquisition of letters of recommendation from Korea Atopy Association

2016. 01 – Member of Korea International Trade Association



1. Pyeonghwa Bio - general distribution of eco-friendly EM microbial products, product introduction, and reception support

Product promotion and advertising promotional support

2. New Pyeonghwa Tech - product research support, sales distribution support, critical infrastructure centralization of management, corporate communications, and upbringing of human resources

3. Pyeonghwa Research Institute – research and development of the eco-friendly EM microbial, research and development of the eco-friendly EM microbial washing powder detergent

Research and development of the eco-friendly EM microbial liquid detergent




. New Pyeonghwa Tech Biz Model

continued investment in developing a new environment-friendly natural detergent

Business Policy - On-line sales through Home shopping channel

                - OEM Supply and Production for the market expansion

                - focus our efforts on the domestic off-line market for encroachment of the existing detergent market

overseas markets expansion – in-progress project aimed at local production / supply


. Technology Held & Overview of Products

Product Overview

With a purely traditional manner for the fermentation process, a fermentation technology for beneficial bacteria (extracted from seaweed, kelp, beans) is adopted for the products.

a naturally fermented eco-friendly products and powerful ingredients rich with the protein (amino acids) from seaweed and soy and with natural saponin 

products with excellent antioxidization and cleansing effect due to natural surfactant

products that combines the detergent formulations with pure Korea traditional fermentation technology (useful microbial fermentation technology), the world's first combination fermentation technology

■ nano-products that are created by highly advanced purification technology and natural surfactant


What are beneficial bacteria?


■ They adopts beneficial bacteria fermentation in a purely traditional way by extracting essence from seaweed, kelp, and soybean

protein(amino acids), nutrients rich in seaweed and beans., and powerful forces of differentiated microorganisms

the product has an ingredient of natural saponin from seaweed so that it has excellent effect of the natural foam (natural surfactants)

the product has a strong antioxidization effect on the toxic substances caused by beneficial bacteria so that it has excellent washing / cleaning effect.  


Definition of EM

EM is an abbreviation of Effective Microorganisms.

What are Effective Microorganisms? Effective Microorganisms are cultured microbial combination out of all microorganisms in the nature that is beneficial to human


Highlight of EM

Photosynthetic bacteria: absorbing carbon dioxide and hydrogen and serves to generate oxygen.

Lactobacillus: inhibit growth of harmful bacteria by strong bactericidal action by changing sugar to lactic acid.

Yeast: help with fermentation growth and help to produce a physiologically active substance and vitamins.

EM is a set of symbiotic microbes that prevent corruption by producing antioxidants and facilitates the absorption by making organic materials poorly differentiated.

EM is kinds of beneficial microorganisms created by culturing 80 species of microorganisms useful to humans and the environment that have excellent antioxidization, regeneration capacity and purifying power.


Difference between chemical detergent and microbial detergent

1. chemical detergent

toxic and fluorescence

Detergent residues

chemical surfactants

2. non-biological detergent

Non-toxic, odorless, unscented,

Natural Surfactant


Usage of the product

Fabric Washing - stubborn dirt and stain in the clothes, carpets, curtains, work shoes, sports shoes, slippers, etc.,

Kitchenware - hood, gas stove, sink grease removal

bathroom - tile, tub, toilet cleaning

baby products - children's toys, etc.

disinfection, odor- refrigerator, car seat




advantages of New Pyeonghwa Tech’s detergent

1. Due to the effect of the natural surfactant from saponin, the product is non-toxic and  very smooth

2. Since it is non-toxic and harmless to the skin, using the product with bare hands doesn’t harm your skin 

3. Non-fluorescent product that doesn’t caused any concern of dermatitis

4. The product is highly concentrated and water-saving (1/2). .

5. Antioxidant activity of microorganisms enables an excellent bactericidal effect.  

6. 95% will be dissolved within 1 minute. The microbes spread at the same time when diluted with water largely.

7. There is no pollution because it is a purely botanical detergent

(Because of increase in the useful microorganisms, the product has an effect of significantly reducing the existing water pollution)


Superiority compared to other products

5 in 1 à wash +clean + deodorant  + bleach + disinfection

The product is EM (Effective Micro Organism) microbial fermentation detergent. It has a natural cleansing effect when flowed into a river 

1. The highly enriched enzyme powder – many times of laundry with small amount

2. The living microorganisms - maximum effect at the time of water input

3. less than 5% of surfactant

4. atopy certification product


. VISION of New Pyeonghwa Tech

1. Customer-value -oriented Products and services

2. Continuous research spirit to think about the environment

3. Environment is our mind to share with customers

4. Transparent corporate management




Detailed Company Information

  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2010
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main Markets
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentNO GI DONG
  • Phone+82-53-593-3037
  • FAX+82-53-631-3848
  • Address55-1, Dongbuk-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea (Sangyeokdong)
  • Product Category Beauty & Personal Care > Other Beauty Supplies